Thank you to all who were able to attend the ResNexus 2018 conference! The conference showcased some exciting research and findings on the urban Nexus of water, energy, food and the environment from diverse regions around the world! Please see below the presentations that were held at the conference, and some photos at the bottom of the page.

  1. Allan Mugabi, Ministry of Water & Environment, Uganda: “The nexus between provision of appropriate energy for water services in rural/urban Uganda: A case of North Eastern Uganda

  2. Anne Scheinberg, Springloop: “Documenting and defending resilience activities at the Bottom of the Pyramid: Integrating the Informal Sector as a case of Urban Resilience and Co-operation

  3. Bas van Vliet, Environmental Policy Group at Wageningen University & Research: Opening of the conference and “Reframing Urban Resilience from the perspective of Nexus Practices

  4. Daohan Huang, Central University of Finance and Economics, China: “Urban water-energy-food nexus: a conceptual framework

  5. Doreen Nakirya, Makerere University, Uganda: “Solid waste management at the WEFE Nexus in Kampala - Opportunities for resilience building

  6. Najib Bateganya Lukooya, Public Health and Environment Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA), Uganda: “Building Urban Resilience in Developing Cities - Experiences, Challenges and Opportunities: A case of Kampala City

  7. Moises Covarrubias, Environmental Policy Group at Wageningen University & Research: “Network Governance at the Urban Nexus of Water, Energy, and Food: lessons from Amsterdam

  8. Patience Mguni, Environmental Policy Group at Wageningen University & Research: “What could possibly go wrong with cooking? A social-practices perspective of vulnerability at the water, energy and food Nexus in Kampala

  9. Vanesa Castan Broto, University of Sheffield: “Engineering the urban nexus: building modernity and resilience in Bangalore, India

  10. Reba Paul, Institute for Sustainable Futures: “Water-Energy Nexus in Bangalore City and Improved Water Services: Building Urban Resilience

  11. Rita de Cássia S. de Souza, Federal Rural University of Rio de Janeiro: “Food, water and energy security in urban areas - case of study in Angra dos Reis, RJ, Brazil

  12. Gert Spaargaren, Environmental Policy Group at Wageningen University & Research: “Final Session: making the balance and looking forward

  13. Thainaro Melo, Federal University of São Carlos: “The urban nexus and territoriality: combining approaches to understand the role of Brazilian agrarian reform communities in urban resilience

  14. Tjark Gall, Urban Framework: “Interrelations between urban form, risk exposure and adaptive capacity in Kampala

Here are some photos of the conference, taken by Marten Boekelo.